Living is Learning

Day 33 of Claim Your Power 1/8/18

“What you desire has been deliberating placed out of reach so that you can become the person it takes to obtain it.” ~Mastin Kipp

What I have learned through my challenges and goal setting:

  1. Health is wealth

Above all material things, status, and fortune, without health how wealthy are you? It was always a goal of mine, an intention I tried sticking too however it wasn’t until this past year did, I really find what works for me. When I began prioritizing my health, I began to feel like a million bucks.

  1. Less is more

There is no need for the amount of materialistic things I used to buy and essentially “waste.” While shopping for and buying things is fun, I have discovered investing elsewhere is far much more rewarding then filling my closet and house with possessions.  Owning less has giving me a sense of purpose and use for what I do own.

  1. Courage is resistance to fear

It has seemed like anything worth doing scared me. But I had to push forward despite wanting to turn around or give up. Traveling always scares me but I push forward, my PhD scare me but I push forward, trying to pass the BCBA exam scares me but I push forward, trying to get my work published scares me but i push forward, exercising scares me but I push forward, marriage, healing, helping it all scares me but I push forward because have found the courage to do so.

  1. Love is always the answer

When dealing with yourself and with others, love is always the answer. Always. When someone hurts you show them love, when someone nurtures you show them love. The most important love of all though is the love you have for yourself. That sets the foundation for all the that follows. Give love, receive love, and be love.

“Your Soul chose to come here, in this time, in this space, in your body, so it could go through these challenges. Nothing has happened by mistake. Everything that you’ve been through in a part of a larger Divine plan that you will only see when looking backward. So trust in your heart. Then turn that trust into bold and courageous action. Make it a daily practice to find and express your courage. And let the cards fall as they may.” ~Mastin Kipp

At age 28.5 years old (exactly to date), I have been patiently waiting on a several goals. Goals such as passing the BCBA exam, getting fit, traveling, and being published have not happened within the time I had hoped (planned) for. However, along this journey, I am learning. And living is learning.


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