I Saw the Signs

When I asked the universe for a sign, I was given three.

As many of us know and experience, growth and transformation can be extremely painful. Since I have arrived in Texas, nothing has gone according to plan. While things have worked out, they have so in manner that has been beyond my control requiring me to practice patience and surrendering. I have had to ask myself questions like “What am I do? What can I control? What can I not? What is worth the energy? How can I learn from this? What behaviors may be working against who i am trying to become? What serves my higher self?” Reflecting on the past five months, I understand now that it is all lessons preparing me for the big picture and what is now my reality.

Things not working out as planned for Texas has giving me the opportunity to slow down. I have spent most of my twenties working, studying, staying busy, and preparing for the future. The future that I am now living. I have spent the last few months trying to better understand me, my behavior, my mannerisms, who I am, and what I what in life. I have attempted to narrow my focus acknowledging I cannot do it all at once or at least not efficiently. I have attempted to view each upset as a warning to reevaluate my choices, intentions, and consider changing direction.

My mom visited for two weeks which helped turn up some of the soil for me as well. The day after she left, I felt extremely low not only because she left but it was just the realization of me, my life, and the continual changes. I put in perspective we are leaving Texas to our next station soon, we do not know where are going next, I worry since its only for 6 months again if I will be able to find work, will I be able to do what I want to as per travels this summer, I do not know when I will see my mom next, I am traveling next week to defend my dissertation, I do not know when or where my income is coming in from… Just complete brain overload of questions, fears, and worries…

The day my mom left I dropped her off at the airport around 5 a.m. After, I decided to completely surrender that day. When I got home, I went back to sleep and overslept. I unintentionally fasted. I took an extensively long bath with rose petals, Epsom salt, candles, my favorite crystals, and not only read but finished an amazing poetry book, Heart Talk by Cleo Wade.

After my bath I grabbed my essential oils and my affirmations book that use intensify my aromatic experience. At random I grabbed three out of my twenty-one DoTerra essential oil collection. I selected first Juniper Berry then Cypress and Cedarwood. No big deal or so I thought as flipped through the book to read their titles, numbers, and affirmation…. That is where I began to feel completely astonished….

First oil picked Juniper Berry


Detoxification. The number 22; my husband shipped to basic training May 22nd, 2018, after six months of living apart he was officially moved back in with me November 22nd, 2018, and my mom left after her two weeks stay January 22nd, 2019. As I previously described, the day my mom left I felt so profoundly emotional. This date, the 22nd, may have been significant in the past and I never realized but with more recent events I realize how significant this is and the affirmation is spot on as to what the date has brought me.

Then Cypress


The underworld and transformation. The number eight is my birthday and the affirmation is spot on.

Lastly Cedarwood


Protect and cleanse. 69 being my zodiac symbol and once again the affirmation is spot on. This affirmation makes me think about the shamanic work that I was doing when I was still living in North New Jersey. I was practicing feeling safe in this world and safe in my body… I believe recently because of all the changes I have invited fear back into my life and have neglected my prior practice.

Hello synchronicities. Welcome signs. Thank you for just arriving at my door now that I need you most. I hold a tight grip on to the corresponding crystals for these essential oils and affirmations. Of course, pink calcite would be one of them.


Smokey Quartz: (Paired with Juniper Berry) brings connection with the natural world. It is the color influence of home, hearth, and nature. It helps you relax, reconnect, and regain your composure. It is a grounding stone, promoting security and stability.

Pink Calcite/ Mangano calcite: (Paired with Cypress) a calming stone that fills the heart with universal and self-love. Heals inner child past hurts and abuse by filling on with a sense of motherly love. Enhances astral travel and channeling abilities.

Cintrine: (Paired with Cedarwood) aka the stone of abundance and manifestation.


And in this scenario, through essential oils and affirmations.

May you all see the signs.

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