Note to Self

Dear Danielle,

Only you need your permission. You do not need to seek external approval to buy what you want, do what you want, be who you want, wear what you want, make changes, to regress, progress, stop, pause, fast forward or slow down. You are in control of what you need to be in control of. There is only so much you can control and so much you want to control. The ambiguity of life is what creates an element of surprise and wonder. Surrender and let all things flow as they have thus far.

Trust yourself. Trust your life. Give yourself permission to enjoy the journey. Often things do not go as planned. Be sure to see the beauty in that as opposed to being fixated on what went “wrong.” You have walked an honest and steady path, be proud of yourself. You have thoroughly thought through your decisions. You have made many so far and have little regrets as a 28-year-old woman. At this point in your life unless asked or stated otherwise by you, accept only support and positivity as they are what is most valuable to you.

You are aware of more than people may realize and you do not need people feeding your fears especially when there are so many successes and joy within the decisions you have made and continue to make. When people seem to be disproving or judging of things you hold dear, send compassion and shy away because their limiting perceptions will not add to your life. Others projecting their fears onto you will never help or encourage you. Such encounters are potential threats to steal your happiness and you do not need that when happiness is the goal.

Focus on happiness, this will help you determine what is wrong for you and what is right for you. Your goals and motivators are deep rooted in service. Service makes you happy. You often put other’s needs before your own. Adjust to your new hierarchy of putting yourself first. Self, creator, then others. When your cup is full, and you are connected to the source you can better give as you love to. You know this but get comfortable with it and implement it daily. A server cannot serve unless they have first served themselves.

It all starts and ends with you. Do not seek approval or permission. You are all you need.

With love and gratitude,
Danielle version 2019 ❤


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